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Westcoast has developed a number of resources that support the development of quality programs for children and families. Resources below can be downloaded for free. Training curriculum is available for purchase.

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Training Curriculum

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Responsible Adult CourseRevised June 2013
Curriculum developed by Westcoast to meet the requirements for 20 hours of training for “Responsible Adult” as stipulated by the Child Care Regulation. The curriculum includes a Facilitator Manual and Participant Workbooks.
NEW! Now available in PDF. Inquire when ordering.
Note: Hard copy orders – if ordering more than 3 Responsible Adult items, customer must pick up or arrange and pay for courier.

Responsible Adult Facilitator Manual (155pp, 2013)
Accompanied by an email including 8 PowerPoint presentations for this 20 hour course.
$70  [Order one per facilitator]

Responsible Adult Participant Workbook (109pp, 2013)
Covers child development from birth to 12 years of age, child guidance, health, safety and nutrition, and basic programming.
$50  [Order one per participant]


Presentation slides from the Westcoast Conference:
Senses and Sensibilities


Resources for Starting a Child Care Facility in Vancouver

How to Start a Child Care Facility in BC (PDF, 168kb, 6pp)
Revised February 2015

MCFD Local Government Requirements:
A Handbook for Child Care Providers

Information about working as a Responsible Adult
in a licensed child care facility in BC

(PDF, 208kb, 3pp) May / July 2009

Family Child Care Business Manual (PDF, 820kb, 78pp)
Second edition, 2009

Healthy Start
Healthy Start Model Menu (PDF, 300kb, 15pp)
Recipe Book (PDF, 4.75mb, 81pp)

Multilingual brochures
Children and Play
Choosing Child Care
Helping Children Learn Language
Knowing About Child Care Choices
Selecting an In-Home Caregiver
Writing a Parent-Caregiver Agreement
Settlement and Cultural Adaptation
Adaptational Difficulties for Refugee Children

Child Care Fee Surveys


Additional Resources

BC Healthy Child
Development Alliance

New Resources

Child Care Human
Resources Sector Council:

Child Care Resource
and Research Unit

Child Care Advocacy
Forum Archive

Download the archive of all Advocacy Forum publications, 1999-2010.

7 Cs

Free Print Resources

Administrative Responsibilities Checklist (11pp, revised February 2015)
For human resources, financial, organization and child care program management.

Annual Planning Calendar (8pp, 2002)
An administrative and management planning calendar. Includes templates.

Board Orientation Package (18pp, Revised March 2011)
Understanding your roles and responsibilities as a board member.

Children’s Files (5pp, Revised May 2008)
Contents and maintenance of children’s files.

Field Trips for Young Children (PDF, 778kb)
June 2013; revised April 2018

Hiring a Substitute Caregiver(4pp, 2005)
How to find and hire a substitute caregiver. Employer roles and responsibilities, and tips for working with substitutes.
Injury or Illness Documenting and Reporting (11pp, 2010) Designed to help develop policies and procedures related to documenting and reporting of injuries or illnesses of a “person in care.”
Planning an Effective Response to Critical Incidents (5pp, v2, 2005)
Designed to help organizations and their child care programs plan an effective response to critical incidents.
Policies and Procedures for Child Care Programs: Tough and Sensitive Issues, Part I
(41pp, Revised February 2015)
Includes an introduction and overview, guidelines for policy development and sample policies in eleven program areas.
Policies and Procedures for Child Care Programs: Tough and Sensitive Issues, Part II
(27pp, Revised February 2015)
Includes guidelines and samples in five program areas.
Policies and Procedures: “The Rulebook for a Centre” (11pp, Revised March 2011)
Checklist for an operating manual.
Policies Related to Staff Children Enrolled in a Child Care Program (3pp, 2003)
Points to consider for developing staff policies and procedures.
Preparing or Updating a Child Care Board Manual (2pp, 2007)
How to organize the contents and what to include when compiling a child care board manual.
Staff Orientation and Operations Manual (6pp, Updated March 2011)
Guidelines, checklist, policy and procedures for staff orientation. Contents outlined for staff manual.
Staff Schedule Package (5pp, Updated 2005)
Effective staff scheduling. Includes template.
Third Party Interventionist Staffing (3pp, 2007)
The hiring of third party interventionist staff is complex and a number of issues should be considered in developing policy.

Transporting Children in Personal or Commercial Vehicles (6pp, 2010)
Guidelines on developing a policy and procedure for transporting children.


Community Relations
Building Relationships Between Child Care Programs and Schools(3pp, 2006)
Practical tips to create a collaborative partnership to enhance the services of both the child care program and the school.

Networking and Collaboration Amongst Child Care Providers(3pp, 2006)
Steps and points to consider when working with others in the community.


Child Care Fees Package (17pp, Revised February 2015)
Guidelines and templates for managing, collecting and processing child care fees; tracking enrollment.
Petty Cash Fund (7pp, Updated July 2005)
Administering the petty cash fund. Includes templates and sample policies and procedures.
Summary of Salary and Benefits Expenses (3pp, v2, 2005)
This resource covers different components of salaries and benefits when developing budgets for child care services.

Treasurer’s Orientation Package (19pp, Revised February 2015)
Guidelines for effective financial management.


Multicultural & Diversity

Ages and Stages with a Cultural Perspective in Mind (7pp, 2007)
Culture influences how parents respond to all ages and stages of child rearing; guidelines to help caregivers respond in a culturally sensitive manner to families.
Building Positive Partnerships with Families (4pp, 2005)
Steps to help all families feel welcome and to build positive partnerships in the care of young children in early childhood settings.
Bullying Prevention for Young Children (4pp, 2006)
Ways to prevent bullying; activities that promote pro-social behaviour.
Guide to Multicultural/Anti-Bias Materials and Resources (13pp, Revised February 2015)
A guide to finding materials that help make every child feel welcome.
It Looked like Maple Syrup
This unique resource package explores maple syrup as a key element of Canadian culture. It is designed to facilitate a make-and-take style workshop for both family child care providers and early childhood educators.
The resource package includes: a lesson plan, resource materials, patterns for the felt board story and instructions.

Positive Self-Esteem and Healthy Cultural Identity (4pp, 2005)
Discusses what parents and providers can do to help support the development of a healthy cultural identity which contributes to positive self-esteem.

Providing Inclusive Child Care (7pp, Revised March 2011)
Information on inclusive child care philosophy and practise as well as funding and service guidelines for the provision of inclusive care.

Supporting Children Learning English as an Additional Language (3pp, v2, 2005)
Discusses how children learn language, preserving the home langauge and supporting English language learning in early childhood settings.

THESE print resources have been reviewed and updated as of April 2011.



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